We offer talks about different topics related to science and environment at your centre or school. All our talks are based on science and adapted to the level of the listener.Please, contact us for dates and prices.

Who lives under the sea

An introduction to marine life. Through some elements known to the students such as cartoons, characteristics of the elements(smooth, rough, sharp, soft, hard,etc.) or those of animals (motion,shape, tips,habitats, etc.) is that we provide tools to the students to get to know marine animals.


Classifying Animals

This workshop is the first of several on classification of living things . We explain the basics of animal and plant classification. This time we meet vertebrates.


Creepy Crawlies

Introduction to the world of arthropods with special emphasis on the high specialization of their bodies


Minibeasts. Wings, stings and wriggly things

Simple presentation that introduces some curious features of well known invertebrates. From bees to dragonflies including snails or ants


Early People

It shows how life on earth has changed, from the millions of years that it took mankind to discover the way to make tools and fire, to the more rapid developments of the Bronze and iron Ages


Landscapes and Senses

This workshop presents different landscapes and habitats widely known but seen from the perspective of the different senses


Amazing Plants!

This is a workshop that introduces the world of plants from the point of view of their peculiarities. It is a fully interactive workshop set as a team game in which the participants have to use their wits to answer questions about the unusual plant world. This workshop also includes the drawing of a big poster with the findings that are being done on plants


Earth Rocks!

A brief exploration of our planet and the forces that shape it. It presents some key information as well as concise facts plus a collection of some rocks and minerals to illustrate the explanations


Endangered or Extinct

What happens when a species disappear? Is it always someone's fault? We take a look at extinct and endangered animals to find out how we can help to preserve life on our planet.