The Team

A group of passionate people deeply involved in education and science with long-term experience in communication.

  • Ana I. Fernández


  • Carmen Sánchez


  • Inés Martinez


  • Ana Cano


  • Marta Ferri


  • The "3D" team

    Rubén Franco. Biologist. Bioinformatics

    Joaquín Gómez. Biologist. 3D printing

  • The "Native speakers"

    Eoghan Masterson. Ingeneer. Ireland

    Rob Dennett. Actor. Great Britain


After graduating in Biology, specializing in Zoology from the University of Murcia, Ana continued her post-graduate training in the Department of Ecology and Hydrology at the same University. Once the period ended, she entered the Official School of Languages to continue her studies in English. She occasionally worked on jobs for environmental consulting firms. During her time at the E.O.I. she creataed contacts with teachers and fellow students that would be key to the development of subsequent activities. At this time, her first collaborations were with several Bilingual Primary Schools. The Sciencenglish project began to take shape. Ana completed her formal studies and continued her training with several periods in the UK and Ireland. As part of her training she has also obtained the FCE and CAE certificates from the University of Cambridge. Since 2010 SciencEnglish has grown both in content and members and has been thoroughly enjoyed by hundred of primary and secondary students .



She studied Biology (University of Murcia) and English (Official School of Languages in Murcia). She began her journey providing education in English by working as an extracurricular English teacher in schools and through private English tuition for over seven years. Nonetheless, it was not until Carmen met Ana that she decided to collaborate with her in the development of the SciencEnglish project. Carmen's approach to teaching is different; she incorporates her knowledge and experience inbiology and teaches in an enjoyable way. Always active in her education and training, Carmen has also spent some periods in the USA and Europe to improve her knowledge of English. Furthermore, Carmen has collaborated in various bilingual projects, guided tours, bilateral translations and other related jobs. Carmen is currently part of the research team on Internal Medicine of the Arrixaca Hospital".